Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum

Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum

Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum is a representation of a phantasmagorical forest. When our perfumer turned her attention towards Madagascar, she wanted to represent a dark, lush forest with orchids, like Vanilla, that in the wild grow on trees. Notes of bourbon vanilla, dense wood and resins sprinkled with yellow flowers and fine citruses were used to create this picture.

You can also almost pick up the smell of the Vogue Magazine pages. Why Vogue? Because Vogue is all about elegance, and this perfume is exactly that...

The natural liquid extract has rich notes but discretely presented, suitable for the self-confident who likes to explore and appreciates timeless elegance.

For this perfume we use 7 years old Vanilla Bourbon absolute vintages. Such essence profiles cannot be readily acquired, but achieved through the passing of time. We collect absolutes and essences that have the ability to change their character through time, when kept in perfect conditions. In our perfume vault, we safe-keep several vintages of vanilla bourbon absolutes, ageing in order to be used for the Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum.

The perfume was first released in 2012.

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