Folkloric Clothes

Folkloric Clothes

Since existence yarns made the warp of civilisation, reflecting the dimension in which humanity found itself at the given point in time. Our desire is to bring back the fashion of authentic, simple life in harmony with nature.

Our clothing explore folkloric wear from a time when life was simpler, people eat from their gardens and cared for their animals and their dwellings, crafting useful objects, or objects of beauty for the sake of it. Communities shared their abundance, learning and spirituality. Everyone was a creative craftsman. 

In the past, garments like shirts, trousers, skirts and coats had to suit the morphology of the body through time, carrying the cultural, tribal and regional heritage. Sometimes, hundreds of hours were spend to ornate and beautify, to express one's personality and story.

Inspired from this philosophy rooted in culture, respect for nature and artisanal work, each garment is made to last, enduring trends and wearing. There is a particular energy about clothing that is meant to be with you for a long time. Every detail has to be considered. Our master artisans spend time and effort to create each piece of clothing from beginning to end, always with you in mind. Each tells a story, is made to be enjoyable, to allow freedom of movement, practicality and elegance.

Available only from our shops in Bucharest and Cape Town.

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