Natural Perfume

Natural Perfume
Before anything else, we are a perfumery house. Perfume is the concrete in the foundation of our business.
Although there are still debates regarding the acceptance of perfumery as an art form, the conceptual thinking behind it and the emotions transmitted through perfume are similar to those found in art. Perfume creation is like music, painting and writing...
“Perfumery is a craft that requires utmost dedication. I am accustomed to work in this Spartan style. I was professionally taught music and there you have the same need for perfect technique, discipline and meticulous work. Sometimes it might take years until a perfume is ready. When I create I keep my pallet clear of preconceived ideas and I focus on the story that I want to tell, or the style of narration” says Madalina Heneck, our creative director and perfumer.
Creativity does not only rely on the skill of the perfumer and her imagination, but also on the materials she is working with.
Our small pallet of 60 something plant based ingredients has also some indigenous oils from plants that were long used by the African people as natural medicinal remedies.
Same as a tailor or a cook would prefer natural materials and ingredients, we too chose the natural essences, resins, absolutes and concretes that we acquire from suppliers we trust.
We like the fact that we can vouch for the plants from which these essences come from Buchu, Cape May, Cape Snowbush, African Wormwood, Geranium, Helichrysum, Omumbiri and many others alongside the classical Rosemary, Thyme, Sage or Lavender, mostly grown here in Africa.
Our ambition is to establish an authentic African perfume aesthetic that creates links between our deepest and oldest memories as humans and our future life in harmony with nature. Through the art of perfumery synergistically combined with the science of aromatherapy we aim to induce and strengthen our connection to nature because we believe that this connection is essential to our wellbeing.
We wish to emphasise that natural perfume is timeless, elegant and suited for a better, more harmonious life.
More than a simple list of ingredients that were pre-set by an olfactory pyramid or the boundary of a perfume genre, perfume tells a story, or presents an image, or a memory that we want to revisit. Perfume should be a free expression, same as our ability to think freely.
This alchemist’s process also relies on the magic of time: everything transforms...
Our perfume is for people who appreciate art and artisanal work. People who support ideas they believe in and live beautiful lives in perfect harmony with nature...
All our perfumes are developed by our in-house perfumer and reflect our expertise and the quality of the materials we use, but also the behind the scenes effort of our exceptional team.

Because people’s experience with our perfume is extremely important to us, we would like to make a few observations for better enjoying our natural perfume:

  • Natural perfume must be tried directly onto the skin, because it is the skin that is going to decide whether you will wear it or not
  • Natural perfume will accompany you in your journey, because it is all about the journey, about the experience
  • Natural perfume will transform together with you, every day, according to your mood. It will aroma treat you with a “lift me up”, or “wind me down”, whatever you need that day...
  • Natural perfume matures with age, becoming more complex, more valuable
  • Keep your perfume out of sun light or other heat sources.
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